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Be careful, this man is a door to door salesman, window and door salesman, swimming pools sales, water system salesman, car salesman,service writer at ford stores, says he was a service manger,he also proclaims he ran dormans auto centers in califorina, but he really just sold tires,he has major temper problems, hes a stocker of women, do not let him in your house, near your car, he has bilked his family and friends out of tens of thousands of dollars, he is under investigation, for many crimes in the copperascove Texas area, killeen tx Austin tx, and many other city's, hes nothing other than a failure,in the business world, but he seems very successful in lieing, cheating people out of their money.he has bilked customers, out or hundreds of thousands of dollars, he owns waterworkz, designworkz, stealth trucking, just run his name in Austin TX or Williamson county, check dbas in the last five years, he has a string of an paid employees, when they quit, he trys to keep them from working. to sum it up hes nothing other than tailor trash

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Honig is involved in several scams...We lost over $50K investing in his supposed companies.

He has another cohert named Bill Seals in California. He is also a lying, thieving, crook!

Their Action View or AVEW stock is worthless and nothing but a huge rip off.So sorry we spent our small retirement money trusting this horrible person.

to Patty Austin, Texas, United States #803209

Hi Patty,

I am in the court process for child support with him and he is lying to the court about how much money he makes and other lies.

Would you be willing to write a character reference letter of him to present to the courts, it would be very helpful in my case.


Austin, Texas, United States #700109

Beware of Austex Pools, Dan Honig and his partner Jose.Habitual liars, numerous bounced checks and a Long list of contractors have been burned by him.

He has numerous pools left incomplete.

There are a lot of good pool builders in Austin that care about their customers, product and staff.This guy is not one of them.

to Austin local Austin, Texas, United States #734444

Are you sure we are taking about the same person?

Austex pools put in my pool.They did a fabulous job.

I would have to say I disagree with all of these comments on here. A friend of mine referred me to Austex pools and I got everything I wanted put in my back yard.

I have pictures to prove it and so does my friend.I'm glad I chose them.

Austin, Texas, United States #676696

Honig took me for about $20,000+ for a construction project with his company, Design Workz. I signed the contract, gave him the 10% down, his guys came and demolished my decks, then never showed up again. I took him to court, he settled ( I won a judgement, which he agreed to pay), then never paid a dime.

I assure you that I am no disgruntled employee, nor is anyone posted negative reviews. Stay away from this guy and any of his businesses.

Very bad guy.

Houston, Texas, United States #585949

Dan Honig is a complete RIP OFF, he STOLE $30,000 from me with a lot of promises and he did nothing but take my money. Any company that he is involved with will rip you off.His partner name is Jose Chavez and he is a RIP OFF as well, he will tell you that he will do things and like Dan he never follows through, they also have another person in their clan Rick Salinas who comes across as honest however he like the rest of them is also a RIP OFF. My advise is to use a reputable company and stay as far away from these 3 stooges as you can!!!!!!!


I hired Dan Honig's last company Waterworkz to complete a pool for me a few years back in Killeen TX.After receiving over 90% of the funds to complete my home improvement, this company stopped showing up to complete the improvement.

The gunite company they used placed a lien on my home due to non payment from Waterworkz. My yard remains a disaster area, and my privacy fence is still wrecked from them driving through it with a bobcat, and not properly replacing the removed section after entering the property. My sprinkler system, which i have since paid to be repaired, was cut through as well. After multiple attempts to contact his company and employees, which blocked my number, I called Dan Honig directly using my girlfriends phone.

The call was answered immediately and as if I was a new customer calling. After telling him who I was he immediately became on guard, and finished our brief conversation about the work done and moneys paid with," No I'm not going to finish your pool because you owe me the last check for 3k, and I don't like you!", he then proceeded by hanging up on me. Waterworkz stopped construction of my pool after excavation and gunite. No equipment or anything afterwards was purchased.

I am a combat disabled veteran from Operation Iraqi and Operation Enduring Freedom 2. I am a multiple Purple heart recipient (3), and am an above knee amputee from an IED during combat. I don't believe I should be treated this way or anyone else...

I was told, after the fact, that this man targets retired military and persons with perceived set incomes. He may have many friends that are willing to go to bat for him on these consumer aware sites, but for those friends that do not know or are unaware, everything I speak of is real. Dan Honig has filed bankruptcy on multiple occasions to dodge having to pay for his crimes either through compensation and or jail time.

Be aware that any companies he may start in the future or currently has may or may not be this way, but he will never change, and as of now has done nothing to fix what he has done wrong here.Over 10 other people in my area have filed suits against him and his companies as well.

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I hired Austex to build my pool and it was a nightmare.They cashed my checks and did not pay the subcontractors.

I get workers showing up saying they have not been paid and threatening me and my family.

When I call to talk to Dan or David, they tell me lies and I can not trust they will ever complete my pool.I really wish I would have seen this site before I got ripped off!


These are comments made by an ex employee, that was disgruntled when let go.I have been working with Dan for over 2 years, and have a long list of satisfied customers that will be happy to let you see our work, and tell you about their experience.

I would ask you to be aware that any *** can get on line and say whatever they want about someone, and people tend to take this as the gospel. I would recommend you talk to his customers and the venders where we buy our products to see if he is a crook, not listen to anonymous people on line that are given an avenue to try and ruin other people's livelihood, and good name.

You will find that Dan lost a company a few years back, like many many people did, but is not a felon, nor tried to screw people over.He simply lost a business.

to David Akins Austin, Texas, United States #1035842

David, you' re not serious! Do you want a copy of the judgment claiming Austex Pool owes me $77K?

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